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Livestock Guardian Dogs

Loyalty, security, diligent- these are but a few of the traits of a livestock guardian dog.  At Triple J Farm, we raise several breeds of livestock guardian dogs.  Our dogs all have specific purposes on our farm ranging from guarding goats, chickens, horses- you name it they are there!  From our own personal experience, we haven't found a security system that can come close to alerting and protecting our other animals from harm and our property from intruders. 

Although our dogs are excellent at specific jobs, many also keep these dogs strictly as pets.  If you choose to bring one of these dogs home for that purpose, know that they are incredibly loyal and are great family dogs once they have become part of the household, but please do your research first or send us a message or call to discuss it.  Regardless of what you would bring our dogs home for, we have no doubt that these dogs will bring you and your family great joy and peace of mind for years to come!

Our Dogs

We breed Anatolian Shepard/Great Pyrenees mixes.  Each of our dogs are health checked with their first set of shots upon pick-up and are cared for with the same high standards as our Goldendoodle pups.  To begin the process, check out the availability of the dogs and the pics below, as well as checking in with our Facebook page!  We try our best to announce as soon as possible when we expect our litter to be born.  Normally we begin accepting orders for purchase and pickup of the pups shortly after birth with these guys.  If you are interested in joining our list of future buyers, you are more than welcome to message us about that as well!  We will be glad to hold your spot and let you know when your litter will be expected.


Available Pups

Coming soon! Stay tuned for updates

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