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Equine Boarding and Services

We are happy to announce the opening of our fully licensed boarding facility for your horse(s)!  Roomy 12x12 stalls; daily turnouts onto mixed legume and grass pastures; clean water available at all times; farrier services provided every 6-8 weeks; annual vaccinations provided for a worry-free setting, and riding trails.  If you don't need stalls for your horses, we also have pasture board available which includes lush pastures and clean water available as well as a covered area.  We believe the facility must fit your needs.  Please get in touch with us for more information, any questions, or to schedule an appointment to come out and see the grounds.  We can't wait to meet you and your horses!


Stall Board


Pasture Board


Overnight board and other services

Stall Board with hay, water, turnout, and feed:


Other options such as medication administration, special feed, blanketing, farrier services, and supplements can also be accommodated.  Access to our riding arena, round pens, and riding trails are also included. We also provide twice-per-year Coggins, vaccinations, and wormers (as needed).  Please discuss any other preferences with us directly so we can provide the best care for your horses.  

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Pasture Board with once daily feeding:

Our pasture board option includes daily feedings, access to automatic water stations, access to your personal 2 acre pasture, shelter, lush pasture for foraging, and hay as needed.  We believe in enjoying your horses whenever you come out so we take care of all the brunt/maintenance work.  Pasture board also comes with all the perks of stall board minus the access to the barn. Ask about our discounts for multiple horses and military!

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We have overnight/daily stays available as well on a first come first serve basis: 

$20/horse for pasture board

$25/horse for stall board

Other services or requests may be available.  Please contact us for any special requests, and we will be glad to answer them!

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